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Doorstep Puja, On Demand

A Puja for all occasions, with blessing from god

PujaParban offers Doorstep, consumer directed puja, at your place & time ...

and many more on your fingertip

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Lakshmi Puja
  • She is considered as devi of Wealth.

  • Typically this puja happened in Purnima or Amavasya tithi, depending upon religious belief.

  • This puja is generally done in home & learning institution 

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Durga Puja
  • She is considered as devi of Goodness.

  • Typically this puja happened in for 4 days. Also considered as one of the biggest puja of West Bengal.

  • This puja is generally done in home as well as clubs and and so on.

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Wedding/ Marriage/ Vivaha
  • It is considered as one of the holiest things in anyone's life, to choose life partner.

  • As Vivaha is considered as Holi so, this puja becomes a must according to Hindu culture, to welcome the life partner.

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  • Annaprasana or first rice ceremony generally happened after 5th month of birth of any child .

  • This puja is generally done in home 

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Deepawali/ Kali Puja
  • She is considered to seek the help in destroying evil and get her blessings for general happiness, health, and peace.

  • Typically this puja happened in Amavasya of kartik month

  • This puja is generally done in home, Club & in institution

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Griha Pravesh
  • This puja is done to worship nine planet. It is belief that  the family will be protected from misfortune and there will be peace and harmony after this puja.

  • This puja is generally done in home before staying in home

And this list will continue.... 

About Us

Why book with PujaParban? 

Doorstep Puja, on demand.
PujaParban is a platform through which devotees can easily find nearby Pujaris for puja at their scheduled time & place 
We are taking pujaris in your fingertip, He will be just one click away!

  • Our consumer directed automation will let you find the best pujaries near you for your desired puja.

  • Our pujaris will pray for you at your desired homes, shops, clubs, or any of your chosen holy places.

  • Our pujaris (Brahmin/ Pandits) serve all Hindu festivals and also perform pujas for events such as annaprasanna,  Akshaytritiya, House-warming, Marriage etc.

  • All online & offline payment are accepted as dakshina.

  • No Registration cost or any hidden cost is involved. 


Schedule any Puja or Puja services in just 1 Click or Just WhatsApp us

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Experienced with More than 500+ pujas, & also festive arrangements.

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Glimpse of some pujas (uploaded as a feedback)

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